Conservation agriculture for a healthy climate & healthier soil!

Is there an approach that could get us healthy soil that will lead to healthy plants, animals, humans, water, and a healthy climate?
Conservation agriculture is one of the key techniques that could keep the soil fertile & flourishing. Conservation agriculture is practised on about 3% of the 1500 million ha (about 57 million ha) of arable land worldwide.

Conservation agriculture is a system that promotes minimum soil disturbance while farming (no tillage), permanent soil cover maintenance, and various plant types. As a result, it prevents biodiversity and natural biological processes above and below the ground surface and contributes to increased water and nutrient use efficiency and sustained crop production.

Conservation agriculture is based upon three principles: 

  • First, minimum tillage minimises soil organic matter losses and increases soil carbon and nitrogen stocks. A 1% increase in organic matter can capture 10x tons of CO2. 
  • Permanently covered soil maintains water capacity in the ground, reduces erosion and soil compaction, manages nutrients, controls weeds and thus increases yields.
  • Intercropping is a way to maintain ecological balance, boost biodiversity in an agricultural ecosystem, improve crop quantity and quality, and reduce yield damage to pests, diseases and weeds. 

Role of agritech in conservation agriculture

Innovation in agritech significantly impacts climate change with the additional goal of improving food production. The difference in soil distribution and weather conditions across different locations is a regulating factor in growing crops. One proposed IoT (Internet of Things) system shows climate variability with connections to mobile networks and remote sensing stations. In most countries, biosensors and biosensing machinery solve food security and agricultural sustainability issues.
agribazaar is a one-stop platform that offers advanced agritech tools to maintain sustainability in Indian agriculture with essential pre-harvest solutions. AgriBhumi is a state-of-the-art technology that provides farmers with precise crop health analysis and accuracy in predicting the yield for the farmers to help them with better decision-making & understand their farms better.


Fertile land is decreasing every day as the number of people constantly increases. Therefore, food production will be required to understand the use of natural resources more efficiently with minimal environmental impact. Today, innovative agritech solutions can cause a significant improvement in sustainable agriculture applications, reduce climate change and could have a more substantial effect on checking the safety of nutritious products in storage and chemical analysis of food.

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