Flavour of India – The Fine Cup Award Competition 2019

fine cup award 2019

Flavour of India – The Fine Cup Award Competition was introduced in 2002 by Coffee Board with an objective to showcase the premium quality Coffees of India on an international platform. The Flavour of India Fine Cup Award set a landmark which takes the Coffees of India at prime importance and divulges goodness of superior coffees in a fair and transparent way.

Flavour of India The Fine Cup Award participation is not only a competition to reward the high-quality coffees but also helps in building a relationship between growers and buyers thereby committed to taking Coffees of India to a different horizon.

Through this competition, growers who are participating regularly have improved the quality of coffee considerably and are selling estate branded coffees in the international market for a higher premium.

Now, Coffee reached to the International Jury round along with Fine Cup Award-winning coffee are ready for e-auction. The e-auction is launching on October 1st, 2019.

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