Multilayer Farming: Objectives and Benefits

India is a secular nation and how we find unity in our diversity is one of the main reasons for our pride. Well, agriculture is another aspect that binds us together!
Did you know that there are mainly three types of farming which are again further classified into many types? In this article, we will be exploring more about Multilayer Farming.

multilayer farming

What is Multilayer Farming?

Scientifically, multilayer farming can be defined as an integrated agricultural system in which different types of crops (4-5) are planted on the same land at the same time which matures at different height and at different time. It is a type of intercropping which is a growing trend these days. Multilayer vegetable cultivation in the Makrao village is an excellent example of judicious utilization of soil and water resources to take full advantage of limited land resources. 

What could be the objectives?

  • Multilayer farming is the maximum and effective use of vertical space
  • Optimum use of per unit area of land for production
  • Harvesting of crops on regular basis all around the year
  • Conservation of water along with increasing productivity
multi layer farming

Are there any benefits?

  • Some crops mature earlier than others. So generating employment and income occurs regularly
  • Helps in the conservation of water and moisture in the soil. Multilayer farming system conserves about 70% of water
  • The amount of fertilizers equal for one plant in field farming is sufficient to 4 crops inside a multilayer structure
  • Minimal changes in climate change. Since the crops create an ecosystem of their own under the given structure, the crop production is not affected by outer factors
  • Multilayer farming system helps to eradicate the germination of weeds which leads to increase production
  • Helps in the optimum use of land for agricultural production. Even with less amount of land, a large number of agricultural commodities can be produced

The Conclusion 

A Multilayer system of cropping is a sustainable method of farming that is cost-effective and requires less labour. Therefore, people should be made aware of this type of farming system. We know that many farmers in different countries are working hard on their land but they’re neither getting good yield nor the right value for their yield. There are many problems farmers face on a day-to-day basis. We, at agribazaar, are progressing every day towards helping farmers and double their incomes that they deserve! Also, the system of multilayer farming should be motivated as it can solve many problems and can uplift the economic condition of the agricultural community. Click here to read more about multilayer farming.

Multilayer vegetable cultivation in the Makrao village

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