Role & Benefits of Crop Health Monitoring

How farmers have been managing crop health in present times is worth considering as the demand for food is increasingly growing. Earlier, it wasn’t very challenging to manage everything manually. Still, with the growing production, population, and need, it is becoming difficult for the farmers to check crop quality properly.

Crop health management is an intelligent farming application that reduces the manual labor required to observe crops. It uses modern information and communication technologies, like IoT-enabled sensors, to monitor the condition of cropland.

crop health monitoring through drones.

But how does it work? Crop monitoring solutions use detectors to track real-time environmental changes, including temperature, humidity, precipitation, and soil quality. Such solutions can enable farmers to respond immediately to sudden changes, even if they aren’t on-site.

IoT crop health monitoring systems reduce human labor and benefit farmers in many other ways, as mentioned below!

  • Minimize human error and reduce labor costs
  • Maintain past reports of changes in environmental factors to make more informed decisions
  • Reduce water wastage by applying proper irrigation only in those locations where it is required
Reduce water wastage with Crop health monitoring
  • Receive real-time alerts to infections and diseases to reduce crop loss
  • Instant warning towards critical environmental changes to decrease response time
  • Reduce fertilizer consumption by applying them only where crop health is not good
  • Providing access to crop condition alerts from anywhere


Disease alerts with Crop health monitoring

Some farmers become overly reliant on insecticides and other chemicals to eliminate their pest problems, which leads to an indiscriminate application, helping boost pest populations by making conditions ideal for them to thrive. Combining the proper knowledge & technology is a must in measuring crop health metrics.

Thus, agribazaar is coming up with a similar feature shortly called ‘agriKnow.’ Farmers must always be aware of the current health of their crops and must be prepared to address any problems with ready solutions.


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