Why is an e-Mandi better than a traditional one? Let’s find out!

Imagine a world where farmers can sell their produce with just a few taps on their smartphones, find thousands of buyers across the country to get the right value, and get their payments directly into their bank accounts. agribazaar is giving this imagination a life!
agribazaar e-Mandi offers farmers a dynamic platform that bridges the gap between traditional farming practices and modern technology. By empowering over 3,00,000 farmers and fulfilling more than 5,00,000 successful trades, agribazaar e-Mandi provides a multitude of benefits that make it a better choice over conventional and traditional mandis.

In fact, as per a study, the global agricultural commodities market was valued at USD 224.50 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to project higher growth in the forecast period, with a CAGR of 4.75% through 2029.

For a better understanding of why to choose agribazaar e-Mandi, below are some of the major USPs:

  • Transparency & better prices: agribazaar leverages technology to ensure farmers receive fair and transparent prices for their produce at the e-Mandi. Through real-time price discovery for more than 100 commodities, farmers can make informed decisions about when, where, and who to sell their crops.
  • Simplified agri-trading process: The e-Mandi streamlines trading processes by providing a user-friendly digital platform where farmers can list their produce, connect with buyers, and complete transactions efficiently, saving time and effort.
  • Extensive reach of buyers: agribazaar ensures that farmers can reach potential buyers beyond their local regions, increasing their chances of securing better prices and expanding their customer base.
    In 2022 alone, agribazaar facilitated over 1.5 million transactions, connecting farmers with more than 1,000 buyers nationwide.

  • Secured & instant payments: agribazaar e-Mandi offers timely payment transfers directly into the bank accounts (and access to credit facilities) to particularly benefit small and marginal farmers who often face difficulties in getting delayed payments.
  • Updated market trends & insights: agribazaar’s electronic mandi also supports farmers with valuable insights and market trends, empowering farmers with the knowledge they need to sell their stock. Farmers can make strategic decisions that enhance their profitability with the information.


An e-Mandi offers a transformative solution for farmers, combining transparency, efficiency, market access, financial inclusion, and advisory services. By adopting such innovative platforms, farmers can overcome the limitations of traditional mandis and thrive in modern e-Mandi(s).
By leveraging the insights & data from online marketplaces like agribazaar, farmers can improve their livelihoods and enhance their productivity & profitability.

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