Agribazaar makes foray into agri-input segment

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New Delhi, India: 25th August, 2020

Agritech platform Agribazaar on Tuesday announced its foray into agri-input segment and said it aims to achieve sales of Rs 120 crore from this vertical by the end of the current financial year.

The company in a statement said the crop input products in three categories — crop protection, crop nutrition, and seeds — will be sold through the online platform.

With this development, the digital e-mandi said, “It also aims to achieve additional sales of Rs 120 crore by March 2021 from input sales vertical.”

Agribazaar website

The agri-input feature has been added to the mobile App to enable farmers to order farm inputs and get the delivery within the stipulated time, it said.

The company has tied up with 30 multinational corporations and Indian agri-input companies such as Bayer, RCF, Mahyco Seeds, Syngenta, and Rasi Seeds for this initiative, it added.

Agribazaar co-founder and CEO Amith Agarwal said the latest initiative “strives to empower farmers by giving them access to lucrative deals at affordable price points, without compromising the quality — all of this at the click of a button”.

With this initiative in place, Agribazaar said it will offer the best price for agri-nutrients available in the market and also give agri-nutrient companies access to an additional digital channel for ramping up sales. The platform will promote bio-fertilisers, high-quality seeds and also offer right crop advice to enhance farmers” productivity.

Agarwal further added, “At Agribazaar, we aim to make the most of farm data captured on our platform and guide farmers to achieve higher yields, and provide them with crop pattern advisory and accurate weather forecasts through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

Currently, Agribazaar is clocking a monthly gross merchandise value of Rs 1,000 crore. It has connected around 10,000 traders and processors, and over 100 farmer-producer organisations with a huge network of over 2 lakh farmers across 36 states and Union territories. PTI LUX HRS

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