Commodity Insights Gram (Chana)

Current Market Developments:

  • Chana market sentiments have weakened in the last couple of weeks as trading activities have slowed down due to limited interest shown towards chana & chana dal in domestic markets.
  • Chana prices in most of the domestic markets have been trading between Rs. 6000 per quintal to Rs. 6500 per quintal. Well above the Government fixed MSP of Rs. 5400 per quintal.
  • As per sources, NAFED is having sufficient stocks at its disposal and in coming days chana price direction will also depend on NAFED sale of chana in domestic markets. NAFED is selling its procured chana stocks in domestic markets around Rs. 5900-6100 per quintal well below market prices. Moreover, NAFED is also selling Chana dal under the brand name “Bharat Dal” at Rs. 55 per kg (30kg pack) wholesale market and Rs. 60 per kg retail market.
  • In the last couple of years Bengal Gram (chana) production has remained on higher side at around 135 lakh tonnes resulting in higher domestic procurement from government agencies. NAFED had procured around 23.5 lakh tonnes during the 2022-23 rabi marketing season. Along with the carry-forward stock of around 14 lakh tonnes from the previous season, total stocks stood at 37.5 lakh tonnes before the start of chana disposal.
  • Bengal Gram (desi chana) imports registered an increase of 81 percent during Apr-Sept 2023 at 24,916.01 thousand tonnes as against 13,772.56 thousand tonnes in Apr-Sept 2022. In the month of September 2023 imports registered higher at 22,256.24 thousand tonnes as compared to 8,692 thousand tonnes in September 2022.
  • As per market sources, the import duty on Chana is 66 percent and the Government may reduce import duty if the current acreage gets declined significantly or if there are any unfavourable weather conditions during December to February period affecting chana crop yield adversely.
  • As on 01st December 2023 the current Rabi season acreage progress shows a decline of 12 percent at 75.09 lakh hectares as compared to 85.54 lakh hectares last year same period. Major states such as Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh have reported significantly lower acreage. Only Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have reported higher acreage as compared to last year.

Gram (Chana) Price Trend Vs Seasonality at Key Markets

Current Rabi Season Chana Acreage

Gram (Chana) Area, Production and Yield

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