Grounds to Godowns in 5 minutes!

E-procurement by AgriBazaar

HOW many farmers do you encounter, like, in a week? None, maybe. Ever seen a rural procurement centre? Farmers wait in long queues with their loaded trucks just to get themselves registered. We at AgriBazaar thought to ease out this process for our hard-working farmers. Now, a farmer can have the entire procurement procedure done ONLINE within 5 minutes.

  • On the very first day, AgriBazaar was able to procure 80 trucks of commodity lot with this new procedure for their buyers.
  • At AgriBazaar, the farmers received their payments instantly directly in their bank accounts.
  • AgriBazaar helps in assaying the commodity to be procured in certified labs before the final price is determined.
procurement system

The sustainability of AgriBazaar as an agritech platform mainly depends on its efficiency in delivering pre and post-harvest solutions in order to provide convenience to the agriculture community. Our private procurement services reached out to many farmers and it’s all done in just 5 minutes.

food grains
  1. Who Are You? A way to avoid long queues for the farmers to get themselves registered with basic KYC details. Since the process is completely online, it hardly takes a minute to get done. The registration done once saves the farmers’ entry for the entire process further.
  2. What’s Your Stock? Under this, the farmer can proceed with the creation of his lot (stock). The system records lot details and farmer receives a lot slip with all the necessary details of his lot.
  3. How’s The Quality? This is the way to extract a sample from the lot which is then sent to a lab for its testing and grading. The lot pricing is fairly dependent on lab reports and proceeds further only at farmer’s approval.
  4. Get the Best Price. As soon as the commodity is tested, it is weighed and priced on the basis of the lab assaying reports.
  5. Get Payment Directly in Account. A way for the farmers to receive the payment online for their lot instantly. The payment is sent directly to farmers’ bank accounts.

This is where we, AgriBazaar, played a crucial role in backing the farmers and solved all their existing problems. Up next, we’re coming up with E-Mandi for the agricultural community to introduce them to the best prices for their agri produce. With the sole purpose of doing what we desperately wanted to do — shaping the future of Indian agriculture — we are moving ahead with delivering the best prices and services to the farmers of our country!

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