Will Agriculture Ever Rule The World?

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The answer to the question is yes, but we can’t say when. There are a lot of things happening around the world in relation to agriculture and most of them, we think are empowering. In our country, there have been controversies every now and then but still, agriculture is growing. When we ask the question “Will agriculture ever rule the world?”, we are just trying to figure out what the future of agriculture looks like.

We can conclude that agriculture is still growing as of now, not just in India but in all parts of the world. But, can we say that it could be the mainstream occupation of people in the world again?! Right now, a lot of farmers are also doing other different jobs to sustain. This is because the revenue they earn from their crops or dairy products is not enough. Therefore first, we need to analyse the problems.

Problems That Farmers Are Facing:

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Earlier, farmers could easily fulfil all their needs by doing basic agricultural activities. This is about the time when there was no modern machinery available and when there were no chemical products. So, how can it be possible that farmers are not getting enough even after all these advanced farming products?

A lot of farmers spend a lot on just the maintenance of the machinery and buying the fertilizers and insecticides. But that is important to help the crops grow better, right? Here is where the problem is; the farmers are sometimes overdoing everything without knowing if the crop or the soil needs the fertilizers or not. They buy machinery even if that is not necessary just to increase their production. Major problems that our farmers face have been discussed in one of our articles before.

What They Should Do?

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This is something that needs to be looked at. A lot of agriculture-related businesses have played with the minds of the farmers. They have sold them things that they don’t need. Because of this, a lot of farmers are in a continuous loop of debt. So, what can be done?

Farmers need to either educate themselves or take help of the technology to understand their crops and land in a better way. Applications like Agribazaar help the farmers to test their soil, know their crops and get the best tips to grow them. Here, it is important to note that these are to tell the farmers what they specifically need for their crops. Same goes for dairy farming.

Now, this is just one problem, there are many other problems. Like, fertilizers also kill the helping micro-organisms from the soil. All these problems can be solved by proper guidance and continuous learning. To help agriculture survive, we need to let nature stay in balance.

How Can The Future Of Agriculture Look Bright?

So, coming back to the main point. Yes, agriculture has the potential to rule the world and here in the point below you will understand how:

Bright Future of agriculture

Urbanization Of Villages

Urbanization does not mean that we turn the villages into cities. This just means that they need to have the basic infrastructure and better connectivity to the supply chain. All governments are trying to make the villages get all the basic infrastructure like proper roads and electricity and water.

Because of this, the farmers will be able to process their crops and connect to the supply chain in a much better way. This will help them to save a lot of time and efforts that they have to put in right now. Urbanization will be a key to empower the farmers in the coming future.

Awareness About Their Rights

Farmers nowadays are well aware of all their rights. They are smart and they know what will help them and what will not. A lot of countries in the world have seen the consequences of trying to do anything wrong with their farmers.

The new generation of farmers is educated and they understand business. The older notion about farmers being native and uneducated is now changing and that too for their own betterment. 


The technology was never introduced for any wrong purpose. Any technology that has been developed for farming was developed with the thought of helping the farmers. There are many technical devices and machinery that farmers have now access to. These products all help them in some specific way.

As mentioned earlier, the new generation is smart and knows how and where to use the machinery. This has helped them increase quality and production. The dairy industry is also booming after technology came in. The processing of dairy products is quick and keeps the quality intact. Agritech is growing continuously and is a friend to the farmers.

Social Changes

Society has been different from the farmers in the past but again, now we are realizing how important they are to us. No matter how developed a country is, it cannot flourish in the best way until it treats its farmers right. Because of this, every government and even the general people have started doing their bit to help their farmers.

People are again moving to buy organic products that too mostly directly from the farms. This is something that we can say will change into a collective conscience and will empower the farmers around the world.

Help From Agriculture Related Businesses:

Last but not least are the businesses related to agriculture. There are a lot of businesses like the commodity warehousing companies, to online commodity platforms like Staragri and Agribazaar. These companies are helping farmers in the best possible ways. From providing easy loans to them for their commodities to helping them sell it online from the comfort of their home, they are doing everything.

This is not it. If we talk about Agribazaar, the application has many more things than just online auction. Farmers can know about the weather reposts, can understand what they can do for their crops, get their soil tested. They also get proper guidance based on the reports of their soil and crop about what they should do in order to get the best results.


Farmers might be confused about their future but we do believe that one bright day will come when agriculture will be the mainstream occupation in the world. Agriculture runs the world, we as a business are dedicated to helping our farmers get whatever is best for them.

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